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Tend to Support Privatization in Education

The NCSPE maintains links to researchers, journals, newspapers and other organizations that offer diverse perspectives on educational privatization. Many sites are sponsored by organizations with strong political viewpoints, and include a broad range of positions for and against privatization. The NCSPE does not endorse these sites, and provides links to them as a public service.

Advocacy Groups 

Accredited Online High School 
“For the parent of the soon-to-be or current high school student, gaining an understanding of what online learning entails, what their students should expect and how to select a school can all be important factors in making a decision about enrolling in an online high school program. A number of different types of programs and schools exist, including fully online and blended (both online and face-to-face), through different types of schools (statewide, public, private). With such diversity, parents can use the following guide as a starting point for making a decision about where to enroll their child.” (website quote) 

All Children Matter 
“Dick and Betsy DeVos started All Children Matter (ACM) in the spring of 2003, to recruit, train and fund candidates who will promote vouchers across the country. Today, ACM Inc, a federal "527" organization, is the lead organization of a network of affiliates classified as state or federal Political Action Committee's (PACs), which can donate money directly to and campaign on behalf of political candidates. With its base of wealthy funders and ability to stealthily intervene in local, state and federal political races, the ACM network is an effective tool for the movement to privatize public education.” (website quote) 

Alliance for Children and Families 
“The Alliance for Children and Families is a membership association that provides a variety of services to private nonprofit human service organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Alliance members are organizations dedicated to serving children and families and/or that are focused on economic empowerment.” (website quote) 

Alliance for School Choice 
"The Alliance is a national nonprofit educational policy group advocating school choice programs across the United States. A reorganization of three smaller education reform groups (American Education Reform Council, American Education Reform Foundation and Children First America), the Alliance provides leadership, experience and resources to affect meaningful reform in the educational arena. The Alliance, launched on May 17, 2004, the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education , is focused on the educational needs of economically or otherwise disadvantaged schoolchildren--often trapped in failing schools--and dedicated to fulfilling the promise of equal educational opportunities for all." (website quote) 

Alliance Defense Fund 
“The Alliance Defense Fund is a servant organization that provides the resources that will keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel through the legal defense of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family. ADF is dedicated to preserving and reclaiming religious freedom. Unlike any other organization in America, this is being accomplished through strategic coordination with other like-minded organizations; training Christian attorneys and the future leaders of America; funding key, precedent-setting cases across America; and, when necessary, direct litigation through our in-house team of Christ-centered attorneys.” (website quote) 

Alliance for the Separation of School & State 
"The Alliance for the Separation of School & State has a two-fold mission: 1.  Help parents and others understand the true nature and the dangers of compulsory state schooling.  2.  Show parents and others how they can take back their freedom and ensure a bright future for their children and our country." (website quote) 

The American Legislative Exchange Council 
...to advance the Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty, through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America's state legislators, members of the private sector, the federal government, and general public. (website quote) 

American Federation for Children 
"The American Federation for Children is a leading national advocacy organization promoting school choice, with a specific focus on advocating for school vouchers and scholarship tax credit programs. The American Federation for Children is a 501(c)(4) organization. We are affiliated with the American Federation for Children PAC, a political committee that supports and opposes state-level candidates for elected office, and we work closely with our educational partner, the Alliance for School Choice, a 501(c)(3) organization, to promote the benefits of—and the need for—school choice." (website quote) 

The American Center for School Choice (ACSC) 
“The mission of the American Center for School Choice is to expand public support for families to choose the schools they believe will best serve their children. ACSC addresses itself to all citizens who are concerned about freedom, justice, and the common good, and seeks to contribute to their understanding that parental choice in education is an exercise of freedom, a matter of justice, and a contribution to the common good.” (website quote) 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (ACSC) 
“The foundation has set an ambitious goal in K-12 education: to graduate all students college-ready. Currently, only a third of students graduate on-time with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed beyond high school. Together with our partners, we are working to provide all students—especially low-income and minority students—with the opportunity to realize their full potential…” The most important measure of success for our work with charter schools will be the number of students—especially low-income and minority students—served by high-performing charters and the degree to which successful charter schools influence the broader public educational system.” (website quote) 

Black Alliance for Educational Options 
To actively support parental choice to empower families and increase quality educational options for Black children. (website quote) 

The Bradley Foundation 
“The Bradley Foundation is one of the primary financial supporters of the movement to introduce educational vouchers. Their web site contains information about their scholarship programs as well as other initiatives.” (website quote) 

Broad Foundations 
“The Broad Foundations were established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Eli Broad to advance entrepreneurship for the public good in education, science and the arts. Since 1999, The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation has provided nearly $400 million to significantly improve student achievement in urban areas by creating and supporting strong leadership, school district efficiency, competition, best practices and teacher quality.” (website quote) 

California State Parents for Educational Choice 
The purposes of California Parents for Educational Choice are: “to educate the citizens of California about the public benefits which can and will  result  from giving  all California parents (including guardians and other persons  acting  in  loco  parentis)  materially   greater  financial   freedom  to choose whatever school they feel is appropriate for their children” (website quote) 

The Center for Education Reform 
"The Center for Education Reform is a national, independent, non-profit advocacy organization founded in 1993 to provide support and guidance to parents and teachers, community and civic groups, policymakers and grassroots leaders, and all who are working to bring fundamental reforms to their schools." (website quote)  Much of their work is dedicated to promoting education reform through school choice and charter school initiatives. The Center for Educational Reform provides information, news, and links to online resources that support vouchers and other privatization efforts. Much of the voucher related materials can be found on their School Choice page. 

The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) 
"“The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) is a non-profit venture capital fund working to transform K-12 education by investing in innovative charter school networks that offer outstanding educational options for underserved students. Founded in 2005, our mission is to invest philanthropic venture capital in the nation's highest performing charter school operators to dramatically expand their impact on low-income and minority students. We provide financing, business planning support, coaching and other resources that portfolio members require to build networks of high-performing schools.” (website quote) 

Children's Scholarship Fund 
"The Children's Scholarship Fund was created to expand educational opportunity for low-income families.... By awarding up to 75% of a child's private or parochial school's tuition, CSF gives disadvantaged families more choice in their child's education." (website quotes) 

Citizens for Educational Freedom 
“Citizens for Educational Freedom (CEF) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1959, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the nation’s first school choice organization. Our purpose is to promote the primary rights of parents to freedom of choice, justice and quality in education for all. We are unique to the school choice movement in that we are a grassroots organization fully funded by citizens and supporting groups of every race, color, creed and political party.” (website quote) 

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute 
Virginia-based conservative advocacy organization with special focus on K-12 education, and whose mission is “taking conservative ideas to young women and mentoring them into effective leaders; and making parents preeminent in the education of their children.”  Site includes news, event listings, and links to original research papers and other reports. 

Daniels Fund 
“The Daniels Fund Grants Program supports nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, as well as programs with a national impact. Bill Daniels had a strong conviction that all kids deserve a great education. His trust in the free market system made him a firm believer in competition and alternative approaches, particularly those that provide high-quality choices. The Daniels Fund honors his direction through its support of K-12 educational reform initiatives such as charter schools, portable vouchers for tuition assistance, and significant innovations that challenge the status quo. ” (website quote)

Educational Choice Charitable Trust 
The program, founded in 1991, has provided scholarship grants to students of lower-income families enabling them to attend private, parochial, or out of district public elementary schools of their choice. (website quote) 

"EdInvest is a service of the World Bank Group (World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) and the private sector. EdInvest promotes private investment in education in developing countries." (website quote) 

Education Evolving

“Education Evolving is a Minnesota-based project committed to helping K–12 evolve and meet the challenges, demands, and opportunities of the 21st Century. We are individuals who have been working for some years on questions about the future of public education in Minnesota and elsewhere in the country. We work together as a joint venture of the Center for Policy Studies and Hamline University in Saint Paul....  This site describes...generally approves and advocates...the quite radical changes now appearing in K-12 education....  The site is about policy; mostly, state policy...” (website quotes) 

Education Freedom Foundation 
"Education Freedom Foundation (formerly Colorado Free Market Schools) is an Educational Non-Profit Corporation which proposes a free market approach to education. We say that 'No one should be forced to pay for anyone else's education. Education is not free!'" (website quote) 

Freedom Works 
“Freedom Works members know that government goes to those who show up, and are leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. America’s public school monopoly is designed to serve the interests of education bureaucrats and teachers unions rather than the needs of students. School choice allows the same principles that drive success in free economies to be applied to the public school monopoly. School choice would allow students to attend school based on factors and qualities that appeal to the student and the parents, instead of being assigned a school based on zip code or bureaucratic mandate. School choice would promote success by forcing schools to compete with one another in order to attract students, providing a real choice for all families, not just those who can afford a private education.” (website quote) 

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice 
"We have concluded that the achievement of effective parental choice requires an ongoing effort to inform the public about the issues and possible solutions, an effort that is not episodic, linked to particular legislative or ballot initiatives, but that is educational." (1996) (website quote) 

Focus on the Family 
“Focus on the Family supports school choice, including legislative measures that make available publicly funded scholarships that can be used for private school tuition. We believe school choice represents the cutting-edge future of education. It breaks up the current bureaucratic monopoly controlling our education system and places the power squarely into the hands of the people to whom it belongs: parents.” (website quote) 

The Goldwater Institute 
“The Goldwater Institute was founded in 1988 by a small group of entrepreneurial Arizonans with the blessing of Sen. Barry Goldwater. Through research and education, the Goldwater Institute works to broaden the parameters of policy discussions to allow consideration of policies consistent with the founding principles of free societies. The Goldwater Institute works on behalf of Arizonans to keep watch on government and to expand school choice, restore economic liberty, protect private property, and affirm Arizona’s independence against unconstitutional federal encroachments.” (website quote) 

The Green Charter Schools Network 
“The Green Charter Schools Network (GCSNet) is a national nonprofit organization of environment-focused schools, individuals, and partnering organizations. The Green Charter Schools Network is a new resource for you to connect with others who share your passion. By acting collaboratively with others through the GCSNet, you can play a leading role in improving education in the United States.” (website quote) 

Home School Foundation 
“The Foundation’s vision is to be a tool increasingly used by God both to address the financial hardships that hinder families from homeschooling and to bless the home school community. The Home School Foundation was founded by the Home School Legal Defense Association in 1994 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) with the original focus being on helping other home school groups.” (website quote) 

The Heartland Institute 
“The mission of The Heartland Institute is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, choice and personal responsibility in health care, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.” (website quote) 

Home School Legal Defense Association 
“Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.” (website quote) 

Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (CREO) 
"CREO’s mission of improved educational outcomes through parental choice in education calls for equitable access to all of the options that are available to people of greater economic means. These options include all forms of public, private, and home school choices. Our purpose is to be a national voice for the right of Hispanic families to access all educational options and to be an agent for equity and quality in education." (website quote)

Institute for Justice 
The Institute for Justice is a libertarian law firm that argues cases in which they believe government is infringing on the rights of individuals--including cases on school choice. "We represent dozens of other parents and children in legal battles across the country in an effort to transfer power over basic educational decisions-including choice of schools-from bureaucrats to parents. In addition, we defend school choice programs nationwide, keeping true to our motto, "If you have a school choice plan, you have a lawyer." (website quote) 

Landmark Legal Foundation 
“We’re confronting the nation’s chief obstacle to substantive education reform - the NEA - not only at the national level, but in the states where the union spends millions in tax exempt funds on unreported and hence illegal political activities. In the coming months we will launch the first wave of complaints against key NEA state affiliates.” (website quote)

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 
“The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is the leading organization committed to advancing quality, growth and sustainability for the charter school movement. The NAPCS believes that all families deserve high-quality public school options. Charter schools are independent public schools providing families with a new set of public school options. Each of these schools is developed to be a partnership between parents, teachers and students.” (website quote)

National Association of Independent Schools 
NAIS's mission is to be the national voice of independent schools and the center for collective action on their behalf. (website quote)

National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) 
“NACSA is unique in the charter school movement. It is devoted exclusively to improving public education by improving the policies and practices of the organizations responsible for authorizing charter schools. Quality authorizing leads to quality charter schools, and NACSA is creating the environment of expectations, relationships, practices, policy, and resources for authorizers to excel. NACSA works with local experts to create the conditions needed for quality schools to thrive. We push for high standards for authorizers and help to define successful authorizer practices.” (website quote)

National Catholic Education Association 
NCEA supports the concept of full and fair parental choice in education which is supported by tax relief, voucher, scholarships and other aid to parents so they may seek the educational opportunities they want for their children. (website quote)

National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) 
“The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 1985. The Council is a forum for the brightest ideas and innovators in the partnership arena. The mission of The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships is to advocate and facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships at the federal, state and local levels, where appropriate, and to raise the awareness of governments and businesses of the means by which their cooperation can cost effectively provide the public with quality goods, services and facilities.” (website quote)


National School Choice week 
“Our message is simple: we need a K-12 education system that provides a wide array of options. We need an effective education system that has the flexibility to personalize and motivate students and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child. We may each have a specialty: charter school growth and success, universal vouchers and tuition tax credits, corralling out-of-control spending, or union accountability, but each is equally important and all should plan to be a part of this special week.” (website quote) 

The New Jersey School Choice Alliance (NJSCA) 

"A coalition of some 30 community, civic, educational, faith-based and child advocacy organizations....  The NJSCA is led by a steering committee of five member organizations: The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO--NJ); The New Jersey Catholic Conference; Excellent Education for Everyone (E3); The Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (HCREO); and The New Jersey Knights of Columbus. The NJSCA's primary mission is to improve educational outcomes for all children by empowering families through parental school choice in education. This, the NJSCA believes, is the only way to ensure equal opportunity in education for all children.” (website quotes)


New Schools Venture Fund

“The New Schools team draws on extensive experience from across the education, business, policy and nonprofit sectors to help build high-quality education organizations. New Schools is committed to transforming public education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs so that all children — especially those in underserved communities — have the opportunity to succeed.” (website quote)


Pisces Foundation

“Our philanthropy is designed to improve the environment for present and future generations. We believe that preservation and enhancement of the natural world ensures the security of this planet and its inhabitants. Current areas of interest include: reducing global climate change; preserving water supplies for current and future use; achieving environmental justice; and advancing environmental education.” (website quote)

School Choices 
School Choices are strong supporters of privatization of education. "What it all boils down to is this: we can have the educational outcomes we want (higher academic achievement, effective innovation, social harmony on school issues, responsive teachers, reasonable costs, etc.) but we have to give up the cherished but false notion that they can be provided by government. Government is only a tool, and for the purpose of education it simply happens to be the wrong tool." (website quote)  

School Choice International 
“School Choice International was established to help families choose the right schools for their children, based on a full understanding of educational systems along with the personal values and circumstances of the family. From its beginnings as a one woman show, School Choice has steadily grown to become a business that employs over 100 consultants in 43 locations around the world, helping hundreds of families choose schools every year. They say “School Choice makes change an educational opportunity. School Choice helps you get it right.” (website quote)

State Policy Network 
"Founded in 1992, State Policy Network is made up of free market think tanks - at least one in every state - fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels. SPN and our members make the Founders' vision for the American Republic a reality as the nation's only 50-state distribution network for market-oriented public policy ideas. Our programs advance and defend American liberty and free enterprise by assisting new start-up organizations, growing existing state think tanks, recruiting talent to the think tank industry, developing strategic partnerships, and promoting the free-market state movement.” (website quote) 

Its mission is to build a national movement to defend the interests of children in public education and pursue transformative reform, so that America has the best education system in the world. They believe attending a great school should be a matter of fact, not luck; every family should be able to choose an excellent school. (website quote) 

Think Progress 
“Think Progress is a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization. Through this blog, CAPAF seeks to provide a forum that advances progressive ideas and policies.” (website quote) 

Voices Of School Choice 
“A site committed to giving parents and students a choice in education. Voices Of School Choice has been influential in fighting for the opportunity for parents to choose a safe and effective schools for their children. They want to hear from you. Get involved by contact us to learn about how you can help improve educational opportunities for children in your community.” (website quote) 

Walton Family Foundation 
“The Walton Family Foundation is committed to improving K-12 student achievement in the United States at every level – in traditional public schools, charter public schools and private schools. Our core strategy is to infuse competitive pressure into America’s K-12 education system by increasing the quantity and quality of school choices available to parents, especially in low-income communities.” (website quote) 

Nonprofit Education Management Organizations 

Achievement First 
“Our students are proving every day that all students—regardless of race, class or life circumstances—can close the achievement gap, graduate from college and become leaders in our communities. Achievement First schools show that demographics do not determine destiny.” (website quote) 

American Quality Schools 
“The American Quality Schools Corporation will through its commitment to the highest educational, management, and ethical standards become one of the nation’s leaders in creating world-class, high performance schools for the children of America. We believe in the innate capacity of every child to succeed.” (website quote) 

Concept Schools 
“Concept Schools is a management company that reshapes the K-12 schools through the use of Concept Schools Design. Our mission is to create or help to create effective schools, where the common goal of running schools is to excel student learning through clear goals and innovative educational school designs and approaches.” (website quote) 

Friendship Public Charter School 
“Friendship Public Charter School operates six public charter schools and, in parternship with Baltimore City and District of Columbia Public Schools, manages four turnaround schools, serving nearly 8000 students from pre-school (three years old) to 12th grade. Friendship operates around a simple principle: all students must be prepared for higher education and the career of their choice by ensuring mastery of the skills, knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the 21st century global economy.” (website quote) 

Green Dot Public Schools 
“Green Dot Public Schools is committed to changing the landscape of public education in Los Angeles so that every child can be successful in college, leadership, and life. Green Dot is fulfilling this mission by running high-achieving public charter schools that are focused on graduating students and fully preparing them for college. In addition, Green Dot is dedicated to helping parents throughout the city organize and demand more of their neighborhood schools, the overarching goal being to encourage Los Angeles Unified School District to implement bold reform and improve the city's public schools.” (website quote) 

Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) 
"KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program, is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. KIPP builds a partnership among parents, students, and teachers that puts learning first. By providing outstanding educators, more time in school learning, and a strong culture of achievement, KIPP is helping all students climb the mountain to and through college.” (website quote) 

Mastery Charter Schools 
"“Mastery integrates modern management and effective educational practices to drive student achievement. Mastery creates an achievement-focused school culture by sweating the small stuff while fostering meaningful, personalized relationships between students and adults. To support the transition to a high expectations culture, we explicitly teach students problem-solving and social-emotional skills. All students receive workplace skills training and participate in internships to ensure they develop the real world skills required for college and the global economy. In short, Mastery insists on high expectations and high support so all students can achieve success.” (website quote) 

Richard Milburn Academies, Inc. 
“Richard Milburn Academies (RMA) are public charter high schools that offer students the opportunity to get back on track, improve grades, and earn their diploma in a nontraditional learning environment. Small class sizes make it possible for teachers to give students individual attention and adapt their instructional methods to best meet each student’s needs.” (website quote) 

For-profit Education Management Organizations 

“Academica is one of the nation’s longest-serving and most successful charter school service and support organizations. Academica’s services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resource coordination, as well as bookkeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance and financial forecasting. Academica has been successful assisting charter school boards to develop and execute strategic plans for scaling and replicating high performing schools.” (website quote) 

“Avenues is for-profit firm that plans to open a world-wide network of high quality, highly selective private schools. “If “local” schools are the first step in the evolution of schooling and “national” schools are the second step, the decades ahead are likely to bring the third step: global schools. Thirty years from now there will likely be a number of such organizations. Avenues plans to be the best of this new breed of educational institution—hence its subtitle: The World School. We will graduate students who are accomplished in the academic skills one would expect; at ease beyond their borders.” (website quote) 

Charter Schools USA 
“Charter Schools USA is one of the largest providers of charter school management services in the nation. We successfully manage private and municipal charters for grades pre-K through 12. Charter Schools USA assists corporations, government entities, developers or nonprofit agencies with all phases of charter school design, planning, development, financing, construction, operations and curricula.” (website quote) 

Connections Academy 
“Connections Academy, a division of Connections Education LLC, provides a proven alternative to homeschooling—free public school that students attend from home. Connections Academy also provides an affordable online private school that is available to K–12 students everywhere. The mission of Connections Academy is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program.” (website quote) 

Edison Learning 
"Edison Learning is a leading international educational solutions provider with nearly 20 years of experience partnering with schools, districts, governments, organizations, charter authorizers, and boards. We pioneered the concept of charter schools in the U.S. and our tradition of innovation is at the core of what we do. Our education reform heritage gives us unique perspective and experience in providing our partners with effective solutions to improve student achievement." (website quote) 

Imagine Schools 
"Imagine Schools is an organization, comprised mostly of teachers, that operates 39 public charter schools and independent schools in 9 states and the District of Columbia. Our mission is to help parents and guardians educate their children by creating learning communities of achievement and hope.   Imagine Schools was founded with the goal of restoring vision and purpose to schools and returning parents and guardians to full participation in the education of their children." (website quote)

K12 Inc. 
"“K12 offers outstanding, highly effective curriculum that enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds. We enable a diverse group of children to achieve mastery through a combination of individualized learning approaches, passionate teacher engagement, adherence to the best educational research that has been conducted over the past several decades about how young minds really work, and rich, engaging content.” (website quote) 

The Leona Group, L.L.C. 
Michigan-based EMO that currently manages 50 school sites throughout Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, and Ohio. 

Mosaica Education 
Formerly Advantage Schools Incorporated, Mosaica’s purpose is "to open portals of opportunity for children and adults through excellence in education and partners with community groups, universities, and school districts looking to create new schools or to revitalize existing ones." Site includes information on their program and links to schools operating under Mosaica. The company focuses upon urban charter schools and provides charter school management in several states 

National Heritage Academies 
“National Heritage Academies (NHA) partners with local school boards to build and manage public charter schools. NHA is one of the fastest growing public charter school management companies in the United States, and their schools instruct over 40,000 students each year.” (website quote) 

SABIS is a global education management organization that currently operates in 15 countries and educates more than 60,000 students. Based on a proven proprietary system, SABIS provides students with a top-quality education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world." (website quote)

Victory Schools 
“Victory Education Partners helps principals, boards, superintendents and community leaders to create great schools. We have been providing support to charter schools and urban school districts for over 10 years. The services are new school development, academic support, operations, finance & accounting and district school turnarounds.” (website quote) 

White Hat Management 
“White Hat Management contracts and assists non-profit corporations that hold charters or see a need for a charter school in their community. White Hat Management operates 46 schools in six states under the auspices of three separate educational ventures. White Hat looks at problems, comes up with solutions and provides proven results. White Hat finds ways to make learning better and gives the solutions names.” (website quote) 

Research and Policy Organizations 

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy 
Pennsylvania-based institute founded in 1955 as the nation's first think tank devoted exclusively "to bringing free-market solutions to local government." Site contains several on-line articles on school vouchers, tuition tax credits and charter school issues in PA. 

Asian Development Bank 
“The Asian Development Bank aims for an Asia and Pacific free from poverty. ADB is committed to helping developing member countries evolve into thriving, modern economies that are well integrated with each other and the world.” (website quote) 

The Buckeye Institute 
The Buckeye Institute is an Ohio-based public policy research and education institute. "The Institute's research and programs are designed to show how market-oriented ideas can help solve problems facing Ohio. The Institute believes increasing business competition, streamlining regulations, reducing the costs of government, increasing private sector involvement, and decentralizing governmental decision making will benefit the quality of life for all Ohioans." (website quote) 

California Catholic Conference 
“The Official Voice of the Catholic community in California’s Public Policy Arena,” and the largest provider of private education in the state. Contains an on-line policy page devoted to the topic of education with links to church and state issues. 

Cascade Policy Institute 
Oregon-based non-profit research and educational organization whose mission is “to explore and advance public policy alternatives that foster individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity,” and focuses on state and local issues. Contains an education issues site, which includes several downloadable PDF publications and commentary on school tax credits and charter schools in Oregon. 

Cato Institute 
The Cato Institute is a supporter of privatization initiatives for public education. "We envision a day when state-run schools give way to a dynamic independent system of schools competing to meet the needs of every single American child." (website quote) 

Center of the American Experiment 
“Center of the American Experiment’s aim is nothing less than shifting Minnesota’s intellectual and political center of gravity to the right by focusing on time-tested principles of free enterprise, limited government, ordered liberty, and traditional American values. To accomplish our mission, Center of the American Experiment publishes original research, writes commentaries, commissions studies, presents public programs that feature both local and national experts, hosts legislative roundtables, and delivers presentations to students and civic organizations.” (website quote) 

Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) 
“CRPE engages in independent research and policy analysis on a range of K-12 public education reform issues, including choice & charters, finance & productivity, teachers, urban district reform, leadership, and state & federal reform.” (website quote) 

Department of Education Reform – University of Arkansas 
“The School Choice Demonstration Project (SCDP) is an educational research project based within the University of Arkansas' Department of Education Reform. The national team of researchers, institutional research partners, and staff of the SCDP are devoted to the rigorous and unbiased evaluation of school choice programs and other school improvement efforts across the country. The SCDP is committed to raising and advancing the public's understanding of the strengths and limitations of school choice policies and programs.” (website quote) 

Education Next 
"Charter schools, vouchers and other school choice reforms are a major focus of the research published in this journal. “This journal will steer a steady course, presenting the facts as best they can be determined, giving voice (without fear or favor) to worthy research, sound ideas, and responsible arguments. Bold change is needed in American K–12 education, but Education Next partakes of no program, campaign, or ideology. It goes where the evidence points.” (website quote)

Eduventures.com, Inc. 
"Eduventures.com, Inc. is an education industry research and information services firm. The Company's web-based resources are designed to help education businesses develop strategy, raise capital and acquire talent. Eduventures.com also provides education industry investors with up-to-date news and analysis on industry mergers & acquisitions, investments, venture funding, alliances and IPOs." (webite quote) 

The Heartland Institute 
Heartland's mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, choice and personal responsibility in health care, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.

Hudson Institute 
“Hudson Institute is a nonpartisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom.” (website quote)

The School Choice Demonstration Project 
The School Choice Demonstration Project(SCDP) "is an educational research project based within Georgetown University ’s Public Policy Institute. The national team of researchers, institutional research partners, and staff of the SCDP are devoted to the rigorous and unbiased evaluation of school choice programs and other school improvement efforts across the country. The SCDP is committed to raising and advancing the public’s understanding of the strengths and limitations of school choice policies and programs.The SCDP is also affiliated with the University of Arkansas, Department of Education Reform.(website quote)”