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Book Reviews

There are many interesting books on education privatization.  Below are NCSPE reviews of some selected publications. 

Bulkley, K., Henig, J. and H Levin (Eds.). 2010. Between Public and Private: Politics, Governance, and the New Portfolio Models for Urban School Reform 

Bok, D. 2003. Universities in the Marketplace 

Smith, KB. 2003. The Ideology of Education

Hess, F. 2002. Revolution at the Margins 

Howell, WG and P Peterson. 2002. The Education Gap 

Mosteller, F and R Boruch. 2002. Evidence Matters: Randomized Trials in Education Research 

Moe, TM. 2001. Schools, Vouchers and the American Public 

Light, RJ. 2001. Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds 

Monk, D, Walberg, HJ and MC Wang. 2001. Improving Educational Productivity 

Gill B, Timpane, PM, Ross, KE and DJ Brewer. 2001.  Rhetoric versus Reality: What we Know and What we Need to Know about Vouchers and Charter Schools 

Maxwell, N and V Rubin. 2000. High School Career Academies 

In addition there is a review posted on the TC Record for a book co-authored by the late Frank Newman. Frank Newman was the Chair of the Advisory Board of the NCSPE.

Newman et al. 2004. The Future of Higher Education: Rhetoric, Reality and the Risks of the Market